Tuesday, January 17, 2012

step one and a half

Since washing didn't improve this fabric, I decided to overdye it to get rid of that white.  White is really hard to use because that's where you eye goes first when you look at a piece of art (or anything else). If there is anything you do not want your eye to go to, it is this cloth!

I knew it had to turn green but didn't want to go so dark as to obliterate the pattern.  In retrospect, dark would have been pointless; nothing could have made that brown and pepto-bismol pink disappear.  Anyway, in the absence of soda ash, I tried green tea.  Nope - the fabric turned a barely beige.  Went to the studio, picked up some soda ash and  then this morning, overdyed it (again).  Better, don'tcha think?
I was hoping it would turn into something beautiful at midnight (Eastern Time Zone) tonight, but no dice.  In my disappointment, I am going to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow I can cope with it between my other two must-do projects. 


  1. LOL. You are having a few less than happy things go on. They say to make lemonade from those lemons.

    I'll bet you are the person to do it! LOL


  2. Yep, I'm used to making lemonade - no sugar! I'm up for the challenge, if only I can make time for it.


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