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Monday, January 30, 2012

I Finished One Too!

"Sit Down -- I Think I Love You"
30" by 36"
Yeah -- I stole the title from an old song.  I "accidentally" made a block that kind of looked like a chair and so I went with it and made some more.  And then I found some chair fabric in my stash, so I added some of that too.  The block in the middle came from the tiny stash of "finished" blocks that have been inhabiting my wall since I last posted.  It's probably my favorite.

These are the ones left over.  I think they need some friends.

I did some pretty basic quilting -- usually when I'm making something, I'm thinking about the quilting as I make it.  Not so with this.  Maybe because it's new?  But fancy schmancy feathers or loop-dee-loops didn't really lend themselves to this kind of piecing. I want to experiment some more with that.

 I used strips cut from a strata of dark hand-dyes for the binding.  I notice that most of these quilts don't have traditional binding on them -- I'll have to experiment more with that too.


  1. Congrats on finishing one fine quilt! I really like the "chair" element.

  2. Karen, this is great - and a lovely little stretch for you, I think. :) Love the chairs and the title.

  3. Wonderful......has an antique modern quality about it....nice work

  4. This turned out wonderfully. It makes me want to get back to work on my bowl full of scraps. I am partial to chairs!

  5. Oh I love this one too!! I love the neutral background. Really makes those "chairs" pop!

  6. Your quilt is definitely fun! I absolutely agree with you regarding the quilting. I have the same issue on many of my quilts. I think you made some great decisions!


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