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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I've Picked My Project for January--Quilter Beth

I'm SO thrilled that Rayna Gillman is our guest blogger for this month. I have been a fan of hers for quite some time; and I have several UFOs, orphan blocks, and other miscellaneous quilt pieces from which to choose a project.

I'm hoping to do more than one piece, but I'm not sure whether time will allow it. I have, however, chosen a piece to start with. It is a piece I made when I worked through Lyric Kinard's "Art + Quilt" book. As I worked through each exercise, I documented my progress on my blog. (If you'd like to check that out, you can see it here. Enter "Lyric Kinard" in the Search box.) It is a project I did when I was working on a Value and Hue Exercise from her book. It met the requirements of the exercise, but it was nothing I actually would use.
I'm thinking I will like it much better after some manipulations using suggestions from Rayna's new book "Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts." I'm excited to see how different it will look.


  1. Wow, Beth -- I can't wait to see what you do with this. You have so many choices of how to take it apart, which I talk about in the part about redoing a whole top. Slice it right down? Take each block apart and do something different with each? Tough one!
    No matter what you do, you will make it your own so it will reflect you and not an exercise in a book.

    Nonetheless, I have made my own share of square-in-a-square quilts with my own hand-printed fabrics and i quite like them. If I can remember to post one, I will.

  2. Rayna, I'm thinking maybe trying a bit of both! I'd LOVE to see what you have done with your square-in-a-square quilt.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. I have a similar piece or two just sitting here....

  4. Beth - I have 3 or 4 of them and they are finished quilts, so I'm not planning on doing anything with them. Made a number of years ago, they were, at the time, therapy quilts without all the slicing and dicing. Anything that is a no-brainer is the best way to de-stress and get your creative juices going again.

    I think doing half and half with your quilt would be very cool. Hey - what do you have to lose?


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