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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Free-form Blocks--Quilter Beth

I had a chance to work on more blocks yesterday. I put them on the design wall with the first two blocks. This completes all the single blocks I separated from the original quilt top. Next, I'll be working on the portion of the quilt top I left intact. (I left nine of the blocks together--like a big nine-patch block.)

It was nice to work on these bright colors yesterday, because we had another one of those DREARY, gray days. These colors make me happy--they remind me of stained glass windows.
Working on the blocks is addictive. I understand, now, what Rayna means when she talks about "What if?" in the book. As I worked on these blocks, I said things like, "What if I slice into the border around the block?, What if I use a strip set as an insert in the block?, What if I shift each section of the block up and add pieces to the tops and bottoms of each section?, What if I use a slice from a strip set as a part of the block border?, etc." This is TOO MUCH FUN!

Once I play with slicing and dicing the remaining portion of the quilt top, I'll have to decide how I'll put the pieces together. Will they become one quilt top, two, or more? How will I put the pieces together? Hmmmmm, I don't know, but it will be fun to see.


  1. :-)
    Do I see more orange around that block or am I imagining it? I love "what if?" - they are the most important words in an artist's vocabulary. I really like what you are doing with these, Beth.

  2. Yes Rayna, you see LOTS of orange in my blocks. It is one of my favorite colors.

  3. I love your blocks. Yes, it is totally addictive and I don't mind at all! LOL

  4. This looks gorgeous! Great that you're having so much fun with it.


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