Monday, May 30, 2016

Bubble wrap and shower mat

Some sink mats or shower mats have real interesting surfaces. This one I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can use the whole mat, but I decided to cut off a part and use that as a stamp.

The original shower mat is transparent. I took this picture after I used it as a stamp. Besides this shower mat I used bubble wrap in 2 different sizes.

First I used the bubble wrap. Paint was applied with a brayer. After that I used the shower mat. This is how it turned out:

I hope you had fun with the stamping this month. Did I make it difficult for you to throw away potential stamping material?
The examples I showed you this month are by no means all the items you can stamp with. For instance potato mashers, grids, placemats. In other words, everything which is flat and has a nice pattern or texture can be used. And don't forget most of the stamps I talked about this month can be used not only with paint, but also with discharge, soy wax or thickened dye.

Friday, May 27, 2016


For this I used a natural spounge, but any spounge with holes in it is usable.

Place your fabric on your printing board. Apply paint to your spounge using a foam roller or brayer - you do not want to clog the holes, so a foam brush is not suitable. Press your stamp onto your fabric.

And repeat this till you are satisfied with the result.

At the moment the background is still white, but I intend to give it a light  dye bath.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Another item I found at the dollar store are erasers. Consider them a small and cheaper version of a lino cut. With the same type of tools you create lino cuts, you can make your own unique stamps using erasers. Be careful when you cut, those tools are sharp! If you want to explore this on a bigger scale, lino cutting is your technique then.  Dick Blick is one of my favorite suppliers for lino material. As this month is not about 'official' stamps I will not explore it further this month.

Here are two erasers stamps I made:

Each stamp is 1"x2". Well, by now you know the drill :-). Place a piece of fabric on your printing board and apply the paint with a brayer, foam roller or foam brush to your stamp. Place the stamp on your fabric and repeat till you are satisfied with the result. Here is my sample:

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tile spacers

Another place where you can find interesting stamping material are shops like Home Depot. Just take your time and wander a bit through the aisles. I came home with tile spacers, washers and O-rings.

They come in different sizes, so you can play with this on your stamps as well. I placed double sided cellotape on my picture frame and placed the tile spacers at random on it. Placed my fabric on my printing board and applied the paint with a brayer. This is how my fabric looked like when I was done:

Friday, May 20, 2016


The nice thing about the picture frams I used for my stamp blocks is that you can see through them. Today I am showing you how to use them with sticky foam board and stamping in different colors.

On one picture frame I glued rectangular strips of foam board - leaving gaps in between - and on the other picture frame I glued circles. The circles are positioned in such a way that they fill the gaps of the other stamp:

Place your fabric on the printing board and put 2 different colors of paint on 2 plastic plates. Apply one color of paint on a stamp using a foam brush (roller or brayer) and place the stamp where you want it on the fabric. Repeat this process till you are satisfied.
Now it is time for the second stamp and the other color of paint. Again apply the paint to the stamp and position your stamp in such a way, that the painted objects will be on the still blank fabric. The endresult looked like this:

I also did a sample with a tree shape. Again the foam board was glued to 2 different picture frames.

I used 2 different colors of paint, here is the first one:

And the second one:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rubber bands

Rubber bands come in different sizes and thicknessess and can be used in different ways as stamps. This is how I used them today. I prepared my picture frame with double sided cellotape and placed some rubber bands on top of it. I was not paying attention to the thickness of the bands, so my first set up was like this:

I placed my fabric on my printing board. Applied paint with a brayer or foam roller and placed the stamp on the fabric. This was the moment that I realised that not all the bands had the same thickness. As you can see in this picture, not all the shapes are well defined.

So I replaced some rubber bands with others ones:

And printed again. This time with better results:

For me it is not compulsary that each and every shape should be as well defined as the other, after all the irregularities make the fabric more interesting. The first fabric certainly has its use, but I wanted to show you the difference as well.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Circles or trash

There are many items you can use to stamp circles with, think toilet paper rolls, lids of milk bottles, interesting bottoms of plastic bottles, cans, swimming pool noodles or insulation tubes. Shopping might take more time than it used to take :-). And cleaning your kitchen will result in a bag of goodies for your studio and a (small) bag of real trash.

Collect a number of different sized ones.Place your fabric on the printing board. Put some paint on a plate and apply the paint with a brayer, foam roller or foam brush to your stamping object. When you use a brush, make certain that you do not apply too much paint. You can use a single object for the whole piece of fabric, or combine them.
For this sample I used different yoghurt cups, swimming pool noodles, glas jar, lipgloss stick and washers.