Monday, December 22, 2014

Wash out of deconstructed screens

Judith came over after I finished washing and drying these. She did her own deconstructed screens which she will have on this blog on Wednesday.

Both sides of the ugly yellow fabric

Single pull of yellow dye on the screen and below is a single pull of green on the screen

Below are the multiple pulls on the screens

Friday, December 19, 2014

Trying the screens out

Here is the first pulls with colored dye with soda ash added.

I had so much thickened dye left, I went for a second layer.

I pulled green and blue through the screen but look at those little bits of golden yellow!! I LOVE this.

Next post washed out, ironed and MORE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A great idea

And it came from Nienke. She told me about an idea she had read about and I LOVED it. The idea was to use citrus slices on a deconstructed screen.

I wanted to put the dye on the inside of the screen and hoped the slices would stick to the thickened dye

With orange thickened dye

Green thickened dye

Monday, December 15, 2014

The final results

The funny part was looking at the batched and washed fabric as it came out of the dryer. I thought to myself, "The colors are so pale". Now if you'll remember, I specifically mixed the print paste pale so I'm not quite sure why I was so surprised!

The circles and squiggles

I think this was my favorite print and it was from the foam core board screen with the last dregs of dye. Go figure. 

The striped one

The circle screen again - nice colors

I pulled three prints from the exhausting screens one on top of the other. These are them.

Circle and squiggle together

All three

This was a clean-up rag.

This was a rag I smeared print paste on to get it off the squeegee then laid the striped screen on it while I cleaned up

Same as above

Nothing seems to be helping this ugly thing. I am determined to make it beautiful one day.

Next post something different in deconstructing.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Deconstructing the screens

This is the new set up for my padded printing table. I used to use 2 30" wide tables which left little room to walk around the table especially when Judith and I are working at opposite ends of the table.

Padding printing table 4' X 8'.

I wanted the "color" of my print paste to be light. This is the first time I have used colored print paste so I am very excited to see how it looks. Judith did this with great success over the summer.

First screen

First pull with MX turquoise

Three prints starting on the right


This is the foam core screen I made. It is a VERY cheap way to at least try deconstructed screen printing. It was maybe $2. to make this screen. I have already used it once before and washed it. The Gorilla tape is waterproff.

The dried dye is deep navy and I used a very light mixture of lemon yellow. It ended up kind of olive which I like much better than lemon yellow (smile)

First and second screen prints



This is the padding on the table with a failed piece of dyed cotton covering it to catch the drips. Lots of drips.

This is like the screen Judith made in deep navy.

Pulled with lemon yellow - detail

3 prints lined up.

Next screen with circles in dye.

Three prints and a detail below.

I found a 6" strip of white and since I had more dye......

Now I am just fooling around, pulling prints then using another screen on top of the prints and pulling another print.

Double take detail

Many prints from all 3 screens one on top of the other. Interesting!

This was a rag I used to wipe print paste off my squeegee.

The drop cloth - literally!!

In a beaker and below with soda ash solution added to it. This failed print was SO ugly and even these cool drips haven't been able to pull it out of the "ugly" category. As Judith says, "It needs more layers"

These are rice bags that I put in the microwave oven for 3 minutes then make a sandwich with one on top and one on bottom of the plastic wrapped cloth

Then I cover with a towel. I waited a few hours then popped them into the washer. Think I go transfer them to the dryer....