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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cutting up an "ugly" block

I'm feeling kind of guilty about calling this block "ugly" because it was one of a series of similar blocks that my mother made before she died in 2007. They were apparently all destined to be a quilt, but she never got the chance to finish it. The pattern just isn't my style, so I decided to slice it up with my rotary cutter.

Then I sewed parts of it into strips, per Rayna Gilman's book, mostly using a bunch of scraps I had leftover from a Judy Niemeyer quilt top made last yer.

Now I have four sets of these strips, and will have to decide how to proceed with them tonight (after work).


  1. Hmmm... Sometimes you can't do anything with them immediately; you have to toss them into the inventory box and wait till you have some other elements that will serendipitously go with them. Make some other strip sets from some of the same fabrics you added and see what happens.

    OTOH, if you keep going it can be a great way to push your creativity.
    Don't forget those two magic words, "what if?"

  2. I had a similar experience yesterday! I spent all day working on a new kind of block & it just didn't work! I can't wait to see how yours turns out in its new form :)


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