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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free-form Blocks--Quilter Beth

I finally had a chance to cut into the remaining portion of this quilt top. I removed the outside blocks and cut into those first. (I posted those results earlier.) I left these nine blocks together, because I wanted to see how different the results would be if I worked on a larger unit. These are the nine blocks I left together.
I went from the above nine blocks to this...
I liked this better than what I started with, but I didn't like the big white strip in the middle.
The strip was really too narrow to cut apart, so I used a fabric dye stick to put a blue "strip" down the middle. I liked it better but was still underwhelmed.
Then, I did some more cutting and added some black and white striped fabric along with two of the blocks I had previously transformed. I think this is something I can work with.


  1. This is very cool! Love all the energy and warmth of it!

  2. There's nothing like black and white to work miracles! Very cool - and much more energetic and interesting than the original.

  3. it is amazing what the striped fabric did!
    Sandy in the UK

  4. I found that black and white really make it sing!


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