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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 4 Area Enclosing

This week we will show you some examples of Area Enclosing stitched resist Shibori.

A little experiment, with a stencil I drew shapes into a figure:

The one on the left was made by whip stitches over a group of pleats of each shape. The one on the right was made by tacking stitches.


That is an interesting outcome!

Let's see what others discovered in this range!


  1. What a nice work, it looks really great. Good idea using a template.
    Very inspiring.

  2. Hi. I love the one with the whip stitching and pleats. For the one on the right, did you just outline the shapes? I want sure what you meant by tacking.

  3. interesting...the one on the left looks like you stitched her muscles!

  4. Wow! So interesting. I would love to see more details. I'm still not sure how you did it exactly. My favorite is the one on the left.

  5. Very cool...but as with some of the other comments I'm not quite clear on how you stitched. I can see it??? But??? Question how! Very, very COOL!!

  6. Love the idea of using a stencil!
    Your figures both worked out well.


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