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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shibori Final

So that was a month full of Stitch resist Shibori at the Fireblog!

First of all I would like to thank my co-workers Sheila Fowler, Marsha Leith, Yvonne Watson and Eke Krug. It has been such an inspiration to see their experiments, it felt like we were in a classroom together for four weeks. Thank you digital revolution to make this possible!

Ofcourse, this is only the start of our journey in stitch resist shibori, if you like more inspiration, please check these websites for more tutorials and dye information:






Or check this  Pinterest board:

Finally I would like to share my 3 favourite books on Shibori too:

Hope that you all enjoyed this month of hand stitched resist shibori. Next year October I intend to host a month full of machine-stitched resist shibori. So, if you want to join us, leave a comment and I'll get in contact!


  1. Thecposts this month were very inspiring!

  2. Beautiful pieces Nienke and thanks for all the extra information. You can contact me for next year. Greetings....

  3. Thanks Nienke: it was fun and informative. I loved seeing what everyone came up with!!

    another good link:

  4. Thank you for this month of posts on shibori. I had no idea that shi ori could be so versatile.

  5. What a great month of Shibori. It was absolutely chocked full of ideas and examples. Thank you everyone!!


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