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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pleats, Pleats, Me

A few more notions, in particularly purple Oakshott Fabric

I've been a bit more organised here, with markings at each end of the fabric to make even pleats.. These are roughly 1/4 inch deep and 1-1/4 inches apart.. Sew, press

Actually, I suspect that the unpressed pleats are just as interesting

Then crossed

Pressed again.. Oh, boy, fabric reduction by degrees...

And the back - also interesting..

A variation on yesterday's stripes-with-pleats, from my Summer Landscapes piece again.  I really like the way the pleats distort the patchwork

And here, even though this piece has batting and backing, you can see the light is altered by the layers and crossings.. Plain muslin/calico in the block - the sides of this piece are an odd brocaded furnishing fabric

Here I have made blocks - 5-inch squares were pleated in 2 directions, then trimmed (to 4 inches) and joined.  I tried to ensure that the pleats did not meet on the joins - this makes for easier pressing if nothing else

Working on the bias is interesting, too - here I have returned to the silk striped squares

Sewn, close together


Snipped - I think this needs a wash...


  1. Love the pleats, love the shot cotton. I am working along with you and enjoying each day!!

  2. The pleats are fantastic. I'm itching to get sewing. If only that day job didn't take up so much time. . . .

  3. In the last one, where you snipped,is that for texture?

  4. I really love the piece with the diamond in the middle. The tiny pleating is very exciting.

  5. Snipped, Yes, for texture, but this also links with the chenille ideas.. I'll wash the result and add it to the post in a day or so..


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