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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It Never Rains...

...but it pours
Dress crisis (my daughter is to be married in a few days time)
Funeral (I am only going to make friends with young healthy people, I think)
And a student graciously gave me a cold, so I'm coughing and wheezing like a particluarly cross grampus

On the whole, it may be time for bed, but here's the latest

I thought it might be nice to do some handwork

Mark a grid (1 inch intervals here)
With a doubled thread, pickup a square of points, with the needle facing inwards at each corner

Draw the thread up and fasten off with an over-stitch

Keep on keeping on, picking up each set of four in fairly systematic fashion.. Let the thread sit untightened between the groups. This is the Top Side, and could be tidier

And here the Underneath.. I prefer this, so might try it again with the connecting threads run on the other side

This time, I drew circles in slightly random fashion

Hand-stitch around, but don't draw them up till you have done all of them

Pull.. Start in the middle?

You know that one about reducing the stash? The fabric gets Real Small, Real Fast
Top side


Hoping I feel better tomorrow.. Sleep well!


  1. thank for the stitching ways shown.
    i think these stitches might yield interesting shibori designs after dipped in dye or paint.

  2. Of course.. And you can make different grids, distort, stuff the circles...


  3. I was thinking the same about Shibori but just in general I like the puckers.


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