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Monday, March 28, 2016

One of Those Weekends..

..starting with a student telling me how sick she was, and then giving me first refusal on her germs..
Been babysitting an elephant in the chestal region, and breathing hedgehogs ever since (do Americans get hedgehogs? If not, think porcupines, but smaller)

And my daughter gets married in a few days time, so I had to make my Dearly Beloved Other a new waistcoat.. He's been eating my food and has gotten much to big for the old one.
Anyway, I was doing this finishing-the-front thing and it struck me that Pockets, while not really a Quilty Thing, could be a fun way of adding to a piece.. So, here's today's offering

Nicely Finished Pockets (with no hand stitching...)

Ground fabric, pocket top, and lining. I'm using some nice linen and a cotton lining

Sew the pocket-top in half, right-sides in, and trim the corners

Turn out and press nicely

Mark where you want it to go, draw a line if you like. Exactly the length of the turned-out pocket top

Pin the  raw edges of the pocket-top to the right side of the ground, with the top facing downwards, then the lining on top of that, matching the edges.  I cut my linings generously

Sew edge to edge and back-tack. Just where the pocket-top is, not a stitch more, please

Cut a slot. Make a Y shape at the ends to make a letter-box shape as shown

Turn the lining to the inside, and matching the edges, sew the lining to the other side of the slot..

Tip the lining down into position, the sew the sides, catching the little triangles as shown.. Keep it neat, small stitches, make sure everything is tidy.. Trim any vast excess. Repeat on the other side

Should look like this from the outside

Tip the pocket-top into place and sew down neatly

Finished - now, I can think of lots of textiley uses for these apart from keeping your change and pocket-watch safe

And here's the waistcoat... Just needs buttons...


  1. Nicely done pockets. Your dearly beloved will not be able to "blend" into the crowd with that waistcoat. Very beautiful!!!!!

  2. Love it, a wonderful waistcoat!

  3. Brilliant vest! How lucky DB is to wear your art! Sure hope you find a quick cure before the wedding:)


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