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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Holey, holey, holey

And now for something completely different... Think of this as manipulating No Fabric at all...

Making Holes

Take two pieces of nice Oakshott fabric, and place them face to face (yes, I know, woven, no Right Side.. Use Imagination...) Draw a harmonious shape with a pencil

(A digression - I use pencils a lot - they have a nice old-fashioned feel to them, mark most substances in a fairly non-permanent manner, and Never leak in your pockets..)

Anyway, make haste to your machine, and sew all around on your line, overlapping the start and finish. Use a small stitch and don't bother to do anything with the thread ends.. Have I told you that I'm both Lazy and Fussy? It's a good pair of characteristics in my view - I like to do it the Easy Way, but I also like to Get It Right.. I hate tieing off ends...

(Blogger is making fussing noises again.. I'm going to sulk if this doesn't work again..)

Oh good! the threat worked!
Trim out the centre of your shape, leaving about 1/4 inch seam allowance

Snippety-snip all around, being careful not to cut the stitches please. Contrasty thread, as it's a sample, match yours, please

Turn through the centre, press firmly.. Yippee! You've made a Whole Hole!
Topstitch if desired

And, by gum, this makes for Easy Applique Circles...

Other shapes are good -

Here I have made a selection - note that if your shape has straight sides you only need to snip into the corners.. Shapes with intrusions (think stars) are possible, but may need stitching down, or use a crisp fabric?
More tomorrow


  1. What fun! I thought I was the only one who liked to do experiments on fabric. Mary Ann at Magpie Mumblings recommended your blog, good advice.


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