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Friday, March 11, 2016

More Technology...

...my old sewing machines work so much better than the interwebs, which have been letting me down for two days.. I hope this one will post, if not I am going to shoot the Apple from the head of the www...

So, here are some interesting little gadgets - starting with Shirring feet

This is a typical Shirring foot, and it's very simple
Attach so

in place of your normal presser foot
And sew (note, straight-stitches only with this foot, but that's just what I have here)

This was a longish stitch (I am sewing one layer of fabric to start with)

And a shorter one. It takes practice to get a particular reduction

Rinse, and repeat

(Hint, this is interesting if pressed, too) And on silk. And try it on jerseyish stuff...
Here we have a variation - a Slotted Foot

and here the result of using this "plain" - very similar to the shirring foot, if a little tighter
Now, the Slotted foot has a party-trick - it can sew a wrinkle to a plain piece - I've used a narrow purple bit for clarity. the narrow bit sits in the slot, and the green underneath the foot against the feed dogs
Sew another on the other side... Maybe it could be tidier..

Tomorrow, ruffling...


  1. The slotted foot is something I have never seen before. I can image all sorts of interesting experiments if I had one. Still making chenille here. (smile)

  2. Wow,
    I have heard about these feet, but not seen what they can do. Now I will look out for them!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Thank you, there was one of these in a box of Singer attachments that I bought, knew was a Shirring foot but couldn't work out what the slot was for. Sharon x


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