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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Frizzled Edges

Now, it's possible to make very subtle and deliberate colour effects with chenille technique.. For my third sample, I found a lot of odd thin strips in the Blue Box (what, you don't have a Blue Box? How unlucky)

I started with a couple of dark blue layers, then laid strips of assorted blues across these.. the fabrics can overlap a little and should not be sewn together. I made lots of layers with a sort of sea-and-sky thing in my mind

After a while I laid in a piece of bright yellow

Then a few more strips of blues

Finally, another dark layer all over and a bright yellow circle.. Not sure, could be sun or moon

Sewn - note this time I have made wibbles, but still basically on the diagonals

And here it is washed... The moon, (definitely a moon now) reflects sweetly in the sea. The further up in the mix you put that contrast stripe, the clearer it will be in the end product

I quite often make biggish pieces and cut them up - these brooches are about 2-1/2 inches on their longest dimensions, and were made from 1/8 metre sandwiches..
After cutting and washing the chenille, I lay it onto a stiffener (Vilene/Pellon) and a backing fabric, and stitch around with a straight stitch. Trim to size just outside the stitch, then zigzag the edges..
And here's an odd piece sewn raggedly onto a book cover.. the central layers of this one were quite small scraps - you can see the colour-changes coming through
As long as you have one complete layer at the bottom, almost anything else will cohere nicely..
More tomorrow...


  1. Oh, my gosh......I love that word "cohere"! It describes the action perfctly. Thanks for the last few posts! Fun that I need to get involved in myself!


  2. I am loving this more and more. I love the tactile feel of cloth and this is soft on steroids. I think I really like the idea of a book cover - soft in my hands and on my lap plus it won't slip.

  3. Wow! I am liking these variations. Fantastic stuff!


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