Thursday, March 24, 2016


Here's something really simple, with all sorts of applications
I cut two squares (these are about 4 inches, but it's not crucial)

Fold one on the diagonal, and attach to the other around the sides (you could just pin if you wanted to sew to another piece)

The bias edge is flexible - roll it back

Here I have sewn it down with a small zigzag - this also looks nice if hand-sewn

Sew two on top of a third, roll back, instant leaf! Note that I have tacked the top layers in a little from the edges before rolling...
These are sewn through all the layers, but if you just sew the fold to the top layer, you get nice pockets

Now, take two bias strips (2-1/2 inches here) and press in half, right-sides-out
(A digression -  many fabrics are really much more interesting on the back, don't you think? )

Attach at the edges as before, this time all around

Here I have sewn across with my machine, but you could tack these in the centre at intervals by hand

Loose, pressed, sewn with zigzag, sewn with straight stitch...
Apologies for the bad pressing...

More tomorrow


  1. keep coming up with things I have never thought of before!

  2. Very interesting application!!


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