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Friday, March 4, 2016


Last night's post was so difficult to arrange and upload, that I gave up on putting all the images I wanted to show here.. Tonight I'm in a strange house with limited time and web access, but I'll do some more of them below..
In a sort-of-random order

Doesn't have to be coloured cotton, this is silk taffeta - again 10 layers, but thinner, so closer stitching lines. Also calico/muslin. Note that I have outlined a part and not slashed

Detail and the whole piece - this is Moth Eaten. A quilt I disliked is recycled, and chenille-bodied. Copper wire antennae

Another brooch. Mainly reds, yellows, with a purple layer in the middle

Alternate layers of black and white, with a red leaf.  Also with extra stitching, which defines the lines of the leaf somewhat. I have also done black-and-yellow - perfectly bumblebee

And a last cushion.. Here I have stitched a diagonal grid, slashing only the outer parts.. Colours in the chenille are around the edges again

Sleep well, I'm for bed and sweet dreams...


  1. Love your last post especially the cushion - seeing just PART of the square slashed. I think I will try this this weekend.

  2. Try different shapes for your "islands".. I really like this effect


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