A TECHNIQUE DRIVEN Blog dedicated to mastery of surface design techniques. First we dye, overdye, paint, stitch, resist, tie, fold, silk screen, stamp, thermofax, batik, bejewel, stretch, shrink, sprinkle, Smooch, fuse, slice, dice, AND then we set it on fire using a variety of heat tools.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Crinkles continued...

As yesterday, so today...
Take two squares, the large one twice as big each way as the small
Gather the edges, like yesterday's circles, matching the corners...
Discover that the photo of the next stage has failed
Discover also that the sample is at work, but you are at home
Curse lightly in three languages
Defer that part till tomorrow

OK, try something else
Two squares as above
Pin the corners, pleat the sides in 3 places

Sew all around

Add stitch...
Rose Square

Same again, pleat twice

Sew, so...

Press... Squishy, squishy...

More, and the missing image, tomorrow


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