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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Com-Pleatly Crazy

Now, it's time for tucks, pleats and pintucks.. Most of these first samples are in silk taffeta

I have some nice wide-stripe silk taffeta samples, which are good to play with. I folded the fabric with the join of colour on the edge, and sewed a seam of relatively even width...

Crease and repeat...

Then fold the other way and make crossing pleats

Same fabric, pleats in slightly more random arrangements

Rinse and repeat again...

Interesting on the back, too.  I like the way this messes with the regularity of the stripes

And look, how much it reduces the sizes of the pieces (untouched sample at the back, and the pleated ones pressed)
One method of reducing your stash.

I've been on the road today, 8 hours teaching and 5 driving.. Now to bed, more tomorrow...


  1. This technique gives me inspiration for another quilt

  2. I have some 2" strips of old commercial fabric that I think I will try this on. I love Wonky!! Another great idea.


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