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Monday, March 7, 2016

Pleat, pleat, pleat

Now, stripes and pleats mix very well
With lines in all directions,
No time to show, but I will tell
In verse (defies inspections)

Join up some strips of pretty hue
And sew with stitch of colours
Press nicely and re-sew the two
Lines on the joining edges

Thus, make a pretty line of light
With haste, pressed and presented
And laid along from left to right
(not needful to be scented..)

Sew all along to hold them down
With yet more rainbow threads
Having first made the pleats lie down
Their tidy little heads

Return the lines, remake the folds
And stitch again with force
To make a three-dimensional
Effective line of course

So this is it, the final shape
Of course you'll find another
So play with pleats all the long day
(I'll not inform your mother)

Enough of this appalling verse
(You know it could be So Much Worse...)



  1. I really like your choice of fabrics and the pleated effect. I am going to start on another chenille piece later today.

  2. I did this on a quilt once and it gave a wonderful textural aspect to it. I had forgotten and now I think I will try again.


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