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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disperse Dye/Transfer Paints

Hi all,

For our November technique, we're going to be working with transfer paints (aka disperse dyes). 

Materials required:

good quality paper
disperse dye (powder form) and/or transfer paints (liquid form)
brushes and sponges for application
fabric that is at least 60% polyester
a variety of resists (whatever floats your boat)

This is a method in which you paint paper with either disperse power dyes, or liquid transfer paint, and then iron your design onto fabric.  A variety of techniques will produce varying results - and we'll go through some of them.

Here are some examples:

"Loli Girl" at the Quilting Arts website made these rocks by using the disperse dye method on interfacing

Gurli Gregersen made this whole cloth quilt using a transfer print, which she then embellished with paint sticks and other media.

Marie-Therese Wisniowski used the technique with resists to produce this lovely example.
I'll give you a couple of days to gather supplies and we'll talk soon!


  1. OK -- I've always wanted to play around with transfer paints -- where do you get them? And polyester? Not cotton?

  2. I've used Transfer paints before - with mixed results. But yes you need a high poly content (or of course you can use evolon etc.)

    Angie Hughes does nice stuff with this technique.

    Have fun!

  3. Very nice! Like the detailed description of your process.

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