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Monday, January 17, 2011

February Challenge is right around the corner

February Challenge is right around the corner

For the February challenge I thought I would choose BATIK. I have always loved batik fabric and when I read about this quick and dirty method* of using paints instead of dyes, I knew I had to try it. One of the times our group of FIVE met, we used soy wax and assorted “toys” to acts a s a resist and used many varieties if paint to batik fabrics. We all used silk scarves which we purchased online with fabulous results.

I love to “color” fabric whether with fiber reactive dyes, acid dyes or paint. This was yet another opportunity for me to create surface designs with color. The materials I used were:
  • Fabric – cotton, silk, rayon, whatever
  • Fabric paint – dyna-flow, setacolor, ProFab (Pro Chemical) which has a huge array of pearlescent colors.
  • MX dyes if you prefer – different process
  • Wax (I prefer soy wax because of it’s biodegradability.)
  • Electric frying pan or other SAFE method of heating your wax.
  • Foam sponge or sponge brush
  • TOYS like potato masher, egg beater, metal trivet, or anything that can be dipped in hot wax and will leave a mark.

You will also need plenty of newspapers, an iron and some syntrapol or Prosapol.
If you are using MX dyes, you will also need soda ash.

*Article: Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July 2010 issue 45, pages 50-54.


Brushes, sponge

A safe method of heating wax which must be dedicated to melting wax only and never for food preparation.

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