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Monday, January 3, 2011

My first road block

I am about to start my shibori and decided I wanted to use silk. I "heard" on blogs that soda ash was hard on silk so I thought I'd try vinegar or citric acid. It had to be heat set for 2 minutes. It suddenly dawned on me, "How am I going to get a pole in the microwave?" Then I thought I'd just cut the pole shorter but realized it would be much more difficult to wrap and scrunch the silk.
Next plan....cotton!

By the way. Here is a great URL for dyeing and even painting silk. I will try the cotton first then on to silk with soda ash...what the heck!


  1. Beth, I did a silk scarf on a pole using the soda ash/salt/dye solution and so far so good. I'd give it a try if I was you!

  2. I have dyed silk that was pre-soaked in soda ash instead of vinegar or citric acid, and the only real difference is the color intensity. But if you find out that it's okay to nuke the silk on pvc pipe, I would love to hear about it! I have been wanting to try, but was afraid of melting the pipe!


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