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Friday, January 28, 2011

Shibori -- again

Finally, some shibori that I'm really happy with! They look a little faded because I took the pictures after work tonight, when the sun was already down but there was still a little light left.

I learned a lot this month, and am happy with the results. I learned that I really had to scrunch the fabric down hard on the pole, and keep it tight to get the results I wanted.

I went to Staples at lunchtime today to get some large copies made (a pattern), and I plan to make something with this fabric this weekend. I know, we all have plans that end up taking more time than what we have available, but I'm giving it a shot.


  1. There are so many ways to dye fabric. I bought a verry old book (more than 50 years old) in wich there are hunderds of ways to dye. Wonderfull results you can get.

  2. Yep, that fabric is definitely a keeper! The old saying that practice makes perfect is just so true. That is one of the reasons I wanted to spend a month on each technique. I hoped to actually become friends with the technique rather than a mere acquaintance.


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