Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last of Charlene's Shibori

Here are the last pictures of Charlene's shibori. Alas, on Monday I have to give them all back to her.  She counted them before she loaned them to me so I can't even "forget" one or two of them. They are in no particular order other than my favorite is first.

 This is a fold and stitch resist method named Ori-nui.  Charlene says when it is done right it will look like a row of teeth.

 This is another stitch resist method.  On this one Charlene used a pleater to gather the fabric evenly before dyeing it.

 I should have shown you this one yesterday when I showed you the other chevron piece. This one has a tag that says to iron 1" pleats all in the same direction before wrapping.

 A nice example of fold and clamp.

Last, this piece shows multiple techniques. The background is a potatoe dextrine resist.  The white is a stitch and gather technique.  The piece is large enough that when I was a little chilly in my office this last week, I wore it as a shawl.  Looked good on me!


  1. Wow, these look like they take a lot of patience to do! The last one is my favorite.

  2. I'm impressed - that's a lot of stitching!


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