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Thursday, January 13, 2011

More of Charlene's work

Here a few more pieces of Charlene's shibori pieces.

 These first two were first printed with a spiral plate and then pole wrapped.

These next two were parallel wrapped in one direction and dyed, and then wrapped in the opposite direction and dyed to make a plaid.  You can see the step 1 fabric and step 2 fabric side by side.

 This is a chevron stripe pattern.  The note attached to it says: "1) Brown fiber reactive dye. 2) Chevron.  3) Discharge. 4) Turquoise fiber reactive dye."  The Chevron pattern looks like the material was folded with nice crisp folds to form pleats and then wrapped in a diagonal wrap.  I am interested to try this method.

This last piece for today has stitching marks along the long sides of the fabric.  I assume it was made by stitching the fabric into a tube that fit the pole and then sliding and scrunching it on the pole.

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