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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be careful with those scissors!

Due to an increasingly non-rare southern snowstorm (our 5th or 6th this winter so far) I was stuck at home Monday & Tuesday. I tried some shibori again yesterday that I wasn't that happy with and will probably re-dye or do some other type of surface design sometime in the future (maybe batik!).

I did want to point out that cutting those little threads can be problematic, especially if you're in a hurry or not paying attention.

I taped this up to my window so the sunlight would shine through it and you could see the tiny hole I cut into the circle on the far right. If I knew how to put an arrow on the picture pointing this out, I would, but sorry, don't know how to. I found I did the same thing to the 2nd piece I did, no pictures of that, though.


  1. I LOVE this piece. Too bad about the hole. Maybe you can mak it a design element. ;-)

  2. Beautiful colors and design! One thing I have learned is to use dental floss when I stitch, and string or sinew for tying. All three are easier to deal with when it is time to remove. You can see them easier than thread, and the sinew unties easily. I insert the tips of a pair of embroidery scissors into the knot and gently wag back and forth a little to loosen the knot. With the floss, I grab the knot and push the fabric away until I can get a clear area to snip, or go to a stitch where you can get a clear area for nipping, then pull each end of the floss out. Meanwhile, keep going, your results are great!

  3. I usually use one certain pair of scissors for cutting these threads, but I was in too much of a hurry and grabbed a really pointed, really sharp pair that I KNEW I shouldn't use. It was my own fault, I was too lazy to walk down the hall to get the other ones...


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