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Thursday, January 27, 2011


A woman named Dea made a comment on something I wrote on either my blog or this one and I went to check out her blog. She had some very nice work and was very diligent about documenting her tyvek and textural rubbings experiments. I put her my iGoogle homepage and today while "looking" at her blog which I can't read decided to click on a few of the blogs she was following. I came upon this one and what I found was posts about shibori and snow dyeing - exactly what we FIVE have been doing in Maine.
This was such a clear case of synchronicity that I had to post about it. I knew synchronicity meant that disparate people separated by long distances had the same thoughts/realizations at the same point in time. Maybe I am the only one fascinated by this phenomenon but I thought I'd share this with you.


  1. How nice to read on this blog about a workshop I gave in the Netherlands.

  2. We are all one. We are united in our love of art and sharing our journeys with each other. I am glad we met along the way.

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  4. Sorry, I made a mistake. I'll try again.

    I share your fascination, Beth. Very special, to meet this way. In the first post on my blog, I wrote about snow dyeing as well.

    From now on, I'll try to post an English translation or summary on my blog, so you don't have to guess from the photos what I'm writing about.

  5. That sounds great. I do check every time you make a new post. It's amazing what you can understand just from photographs. The newest post had some interesting landscape.

  6. Well Beth, so nice that whe did the same experiments. Go for it.
    Greetings Suus


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