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Friday, February 20, 2015

Painting techniques day13

Painting multiples
I actually have no idea what this technique is called but I have seen Sherrill Kahn do it many times. This is Sherrill's latest book and she is in my mind the queen of painting techniques.

I started with 4 pieces of fabric the same size stacked one on top of the other. I painted some stripes in ProFab paint thickly. Then I misted and misted until the entire stack was soaked and covered it with poly film. I pressed with my fingers (maybe not hard enough) and left it covered over night to migrate through all the layers.

Next day I separated the pieces of fabric and laid them out to dry on a sheet of poly film on the floor. The original sheet of poly had lots of paint on it so I took a monoprint.


Second monoprint misted to pick up all the paint (hopefully) - below

Four sheets of fabric starting with the top sheet below





  1. This looks great fun and I have this book too but I'm waiting for my studio to be refurbished after having a door put in to lead me to the garden. Come the summer I shall be spending some time playing with these sort of techniques. Do you know the artist Ruth Isset, she has many books which teach the art of paint on fabric and paint?

  2. Yes Gillian. I absolutely LOVE Ruth Isset and mentioned her sometimes recently (??) She is the queen of color and I have all her books.

  3. An exciting way to get a selection of coordinating fabrics. Ruth Issett's books are so inspiring

  4. Very interesting! I like the last one the best .You must have a huge stash of fabulous fabrics. Thanks for sharing all these painting techniques.


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