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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Painting techniques day 11

Pouncing, wiping and assorted marks

Just a word about SetaColor and SetaSilk. Setacolor is a thicker acrylic fabric paint. It has a medium body - some substance to it. SetaSilk is a liquid paint like acrylic inks and Dye-Na-Flow.

I shook bottles of ProChem Designer colors (liquid) onto a piece of fabric to make sprinkles.

These are brush marks with a paint brush. I saw a beautiful embroidered piece with  one long brush mark of paint with multiple small stitches along the top. Very effective.

This piece was done to get rid of the paint on the pouncer between colors. I have used this technique many times in my sketchbooks.

This fabric was colored by wiping off my paint brushes and wiping up paint. It isn't finished yet but I love the intense color and random patterning. This would make a fabulous background.


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