Friday, February 13, 2015

Painting techniques day 8


I have tried a few ways to use sponges on fabric. There are probably many ways but these are my favorites. 

This is a piece of fabric that I previously painted.

I am using a car sponge to apply gold Probrite paint. I LOVE this sponge and have been using it for years.

In the sun

This is a piece of fabric I used to blot some black paint. When dried I took a damp sponge and wiped Buttercream ProBrite paint all over the misted surface so that the mica would add sparkle.

In very bright sun so you can see the overall shine. This fabric actually looks like the photo above.


  1. A good reminder. I will do some sponging with my dyes.

  2. I love the gold paint with the sponge! I need 40 hours in a day to try out all you show us, Beth.


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