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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paint techniques day 2

Tape Resist

I will just take a moment and talk about supplies. As you either know or will know, I use a lot of ProChemical and Dye products. This is a small company here in New England that does a lot for the fabric art community. When I first found them, I saw that they had a color cards for their fabric paints. These chips were actually made of cloth with the actual paint on them - not just photos. The card was a bit pricey but I am so grateful that I bought it. You can see the actual shimmer on the ProBrite colors and see the actual hues with your own eyes. These color cards were well worth the money. To quote Judith, "I'm just sayin'"

Today I am using a technique I have used many time, a masking tape resist.

This is a piece of cloth I painted then sprayed and let it bleed. More on that later.

Next I tore thin strips of tape and laid them out in a pattern. I used the soft sponge on the right and that fabric paint to pick up paint and brush/rub it over the taped areas.

You can let it dry with the tape in place or remove it immediately

This was ProBrite Lavender paint

Here is my pencil case I made many YEARS ago with the tape resist on it. I used two colors of paint.

Rayna Gilman's book is loaded with a multitude of techniques for changing fabric with paint. I got the tape resist idea from her.


  1. Great! Have you ever heard of Ruth Isset - a great one for painting on fabric and paper and her two books are marvellous for sourcing ideas and as reminders.

  2. Yes, Ruth Isset is a favorite surface designer of mine. I have all her books. Who could resist a book called Colour!

  3. Love it! Almost a batik-like appearance! Guess I need to pull Rayna's book out and do a little reviewing, and will definitely look for Ruth Isset's book as well.

  4. Fabulous - I shall be looking for both Ruth and Rayna's books

  5. Such a fantastic technique! Subtle but not!

  6. Really effective and I love the pencil case. I must go back and revisit Rayna and Ruth's books.


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