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Monday, February 9, 2015

Painting techniques day 5


I started out with a piece of plain cotton and finger folded it

Next I sprayed the right side of the fabric getting it really saturated.

I used a paint brush to apply paint to the cloth. This is when I "found" that one of the paints was a ProBrite (chartreuse) I didn't realize I had!! I'll save that for Tyvec Beads (smile).
After getting the paint pretty much all over that wet side, I hit it a few more times with the mister.

It's really wet now. Time to blot.

 I gently use my fingers to make sure there is full contact between the two sides.

Off to dry in another spot

Dried and ironed. Many time the two sides come out with different intensities or interesting accidental marks. These two halves are pretty much alike...but you never know!!

Since this post was so short, I want to mention clean-up rags. Clean up rags are the BEST source of fabulous fabric. I made these two quilts with clean up rags.

I of course started one for this "month of paint". I usually just wipe my hands on my pants but my new commitment to using an apron reminded me to grab a cloth. 

Paint left on the plastic drop cloth

Rag (I should have chosen a larger piece of cloth - you'll see why soon)

This is now - the end of a day of experimenting. Is this not the most beautiful piece of fabric on this blog this month? I would like to keep these subtle colors so I'll start further experiments with another clean up rag.


  1. Great reminder to get some rags ready for my next studio session! If using dyes, I guess you would spray the rag with the soda ash solution and batch it?

  2. Rags would definitely better than pants! What a very cool bird!!!!

  3. Love those birds! Will you share the source of the images?

  4. Great birds on wonderful backgrounds. That last piece of fabric is wonderful. I should change my clean up rag more often than I do as it ends up muddy!


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