Monday, February 16, 2015

Painting Techniques day 9

More Monoprinting

Yes, I am not finished with monoprinting. This I think will be something different you might not have ever seen before. I learned to do this from a friend, Margaret Sheehan, from New Hampshire.

This first one is done on a sheet of poly film with a potato masher. I think I am using 6 mil which is pretty heavy. I painted some paint on to the poly film and pushed the potato masher through it as I twisted my wrist.

Lay on the fabric and rub the surface.

I love this

I just added some more turquoise to the center since there seemed to be plenty of purple still on the poly.

These are prints I pulled previously onto organza

You might remember my smacker. I learned about this technique from a local woman who learned it at a workshop.

What a wonderful texture.

Since I can't stand to waste paint I thought why not  take a print off the glass.

There was still paint left so I misted with water and took another blotty print.

More interesting texture.


  1. How fun! I love the potato masher design... like a Chrysanthemum!

  2. Great image achieved with the masher Beth. Would make a good Thermofax.

  3. To expand on the Smacker technique, use 2 pieces of Plexiglas, put paint or thickened dye on one, smoosh the second on against it. Then, stand the 2 pieces up together vertically and pull apart. Take the monoprint from both pieces. The separation while vertical, keeps an equal amount of paint/dye on each plate. If you try to separate horizontally, the bottom plate will have a heavier load of paint/dye than the top piece. Gravity interferes with everything! I got some beautiful coral patterns using this technique, just by tweaking where I squirted the thickened dye I was using.

    I really like the masher technique. It really does look like a large Chrysanthemum!


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