Friday, February 27, 2015

Painting technique - the finale

Here are some pieces using multiple techniques

Printing using a fish with paint on it

Paint with salt, stamps, stencils, thermofax and painted fusible web.

Painting directly on the cloth

Hand painted cloth

Paint with salt stamps, tape resist

Printing using real leaves as stamps

Stamping - feather and crow

painted fabric, rug pad roller stamp and sponge

Salt on paint, stamps. thermofax, stencil.

Paint, sponge, stamps

Stamps and stencil

Round pouncer, stamps, paint and thermofax, stencil (leaf)

Crumpled paint, drizzled paint, tape resist, stamps


  1. Wow! These are fabulous!

    Great to see the techniques combined and appreciate how they work together. A fantastic month of posts.

  2. You didn't really use a fish, did ya??? :O Hard to pick a favourite. wonderful!

  3. Such a variety of results. I really like the beetles and the flying birda.


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