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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Painting on fabric day 6

More monoprinting

I have done a LOT of monoprint but this technique is one I never would have thought of. I read about it in this book about paint.

Here we go... I used my gelli plate and applied paint directly to the gelli plate using a wide paintbrush.

I am so used to thickened dye beading up on me that this nice thick paint was just yummy. I am going for nothing here except trying to demonstrate the technique I read about.

 First pull on half of the fabric (fabric face down)

There was paint left - plenty of paint so I used the other half (blank) side of the fabric and took another print. (fabric face down)

There was still paint left so I figured, why not, and I misted it and took a last print on a third piece of fabric. (fabric face down)

The "right" side of the fabric with the paint monoprint (first print) on the left and the second print on the right.

This is the one that I misted first then printed. They EACH have their own special qualities.


  1. Fun! And the book looks like it might be worth getting, too!

  2. What kind of paint did you use? Do you have a favorite kind or brand?


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