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Friday, February 6, 2015

Paint techniques day 4

Elmer's washable glue resist.

I have used Elmer's washable glue on paint pieces, dyeing and silk screening. It has some great attributes especially on silk screens because it starts to break down with multiple pulls. This is a piece of plain white cotton.

I was kind of rushing and it didn't do as good a job applying the glue as I had done in previous pieces.

Dried and puckered

I used a sponge and paint brush to apply the paint. The paint was covering the images and I was concerned this "test piece" might not come out well. The images I applied in glue are a favorite of mine. I have used them many times and will probably use them again in the future. I call this shape "Mussels".

When the paint dried, I heat set it or else it would have simply washed out of the fabric. That also means I "cooked" the glue. After heat setting, I placed the piece of fabric in my bathroom sink with warm water. I had to do it twice since the glue was applied so thickly. Surprisingly (to me), the piece came out quite nicely. Nice crisp images with no loss of paint.

Previous work


  1. What kind of glue is it, Elmer's washable glue, is it like an Arabic gum? I have never seen this type of glue overhere...

  2. Sue, I don't think the paper would hold up to the washing but you could try frisket. That should have the same effect on paper.

    Eke, This is a water soluble glue that is very common in the US. Perhaps you could experiment with a white liquid type of glue. It is for children.

  3. I have used washable glue as a resist with dye, but not with paint... which paints were you using? I was thinking dye-na-flow on silk, but wondering if there would be problems getting it out of silk versus cotton. And I love your "mussel" design!

  4. this turned out great! I never though to try resists with paint (not sure why), I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like resists. I have regular white glue, I'll look for the gel one. This is just great!

  6. Love your results. I've used this technique with dyes before but never paints.

  7. very cool! there are so many possiblities with this technique - I need to go back and read this again.

  8. The comment from Judy said she used the washable glue with dyes. Thanks, Judy! You answered my question!


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