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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Painting day 3


This is ONE kind of mono-printing. I did some of this earlier in the year with a friend (met her on my blog) who came to Maine and we played for a few days. Laura wanted to try mono-printing using a gelli plate. I made a HUGE one which has now been retired.

We used a brayer to roll out paint on the gelli then apply paper resists. Today I am using waxed paper as a resist and three colors of ProFab paint.

This fabric was just wetted and had paint spread over it but was laid flat on a thin bin bag (similar in thickness to plastic wrap). The wrinkles in the bin bag cause the paint to collect on the bottom side (below) in some interesting patterns. Unfortunately, the paint also picked up the writing on the bag.

Here is the gelli with the first color, a transparent deep brown. I am bringing attention to this because ProFab paints come in both transparent (see through) and opaque (solid).

You can see the lavender color coming through the brown paint which will be more obvious in latter pulls.

A yellow orange opaque paint.

So far so good

Very bright yellow opaque paint

 When I was done with the gelli there was still some paint on it which would not blot off on the fabric so I misted it and took a print in my sketchbook

Previous work


  1. Very interesting Beth. Love the sketch book page

  2. Lovely effects and the sketchbook page looks great too.

  3. That is a nice way to mono-print. I like the idea with the plastic bag under the fabric. It gives good results. Never thought about wax-paper, but now I know what the effect is. Thank you for sharing.


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