Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Painted and rolled fabric, wrapped with thread

Now that the fabric is dried (wear gloves because the dye is still staining), we will use our shibori knowledge to tie these swatches. The first piece is folded in half diagonalyy, and rolled from the corner to the centre: Wrap with a thread from the middle to the outer point, and back. Repeat the process for the other outer point. Tie the thread in the middle. Leave some thread as it might help you in the stage of boiling the piece (like a teabag).

Now it looks like this. Is should be very tight wrapped around the fabric, it will feel  hard.

Another piece is folded in four diagonally, continuing with the same process

And the last piece is folded in four squares, and rolled like the one above.

Now it looks like this:

Tomorrow I will not roll but pleat the other samples. To be continued!

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