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Friday, November 7, 2014

Let the suprise show begin!

After two days of waiting, it's time to unwrap our little worms. The colour returned as you can see clearly.

Looks promissing!Now it's time to fix the dye where it is
I tried three different styles of fixation. The first one is a mixture of cheap hairgel and soda-ash, 
painted with a brush onto the fabric:

The second set of two pieces I used 'Tobafix' as a fixative:

And for the third set of two pieces, I sprengled soda-ash on top of the fabrica and sprayed water over it.

Now all pieces have to be covered with plastic and left alone for another few hours (roomtemperature)

And here are the final results. I love the piece in the middle. The two pieces on the right had a problem with fixation so my experiment made clear that you better choose for Tobafix of the Gel/Soda-ash combination. 

This is my favourite, I also learned that a dark colour at the outside gives better results!

This is a very inspiring technique, will keep experimenting and hope you will too!


  1. FABULOUS!!!! Judith and I are going to do this this week!!
    Love the results. We'll let you know what method we chose for the soda ash.

  2. You recommend the gel/soda ash fixative. Do you mean one of those two or a combination of the two? Thanks. Gjeneve@gmail.com

  3. So just sprinkling soda ash didn't work well if I understand.
    And the hair-gel/soda ash worked okay??

    Your results are great...and lucky for me with my 2 pieces I am trying, there is dark on the outside for both of them!

  4. @Gjeneve, I mean the combination, gel with soda-ash mixed! The Tobafix is the best way to fix your fabric but it is difficult to find so that's why I suggest this mixture as an alternative.

  5. @Marsha/Beth/Judith hope to see your experiments here at the blog...!

  6. Very nice pieces Nienke. My hands are itching. I'll be back in Norway and in my working room end of November and will surely try this technique. I'll buy some cheep hair-gel in Holland, thanks for the way you explore and share things....

  7. WOW! These turned out great!! I've been waiting to see outcome and I'm impressed...maybe when I get to Florida this is one to try!!! I'm going to bookmark...because, I'll forget!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  8. Nienke: I did take photos so I can do a short post...I am leaving the worms to dry in the basement...maybe they will be ready by tomorrow.


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