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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another painting technique

For today I have another painting technique. Normally I work with my own hand dyed fabric, but this time I started with a brightly colored batik and stitched a lot of folds in it. Stitching takes time, but it gives the option of slightly bended lines. Something you cannot achieve with folding. Plus it gives sharp outlines when you paint the fabrique.

After the stitching your fabric looks like this, top:

and back:

Next step is to protect your working area with plastic or old newspaper. As paint I used Lumiere halo gold blue. With a foam brush I applied the paint till the whole front was covered.

Let the paint dry and remove all the stitches. Iron your fabric from the back and this is the result:

Have fun!


  1. Nice! Do you think this would work as well with hand stitched lines? If not, would basting length machine stitches work? I hate ripping out stitches, so I'm looking for the easiest way to do this...

  2. Those are interesting lines and you can't miss with Halo paints!

  3. Judi, I think that will work as well as long as you keep your stitches small and close together.

  4. And another 2015 project. I love these (kinda) short ones that end with such beautiful results! This one gets me inspired to re-look at my Underwater piece!

  5. Oh I like,like like. What a great idea.

  6. I just tried this technique last night with some hand dyed damask and ugly quilters cotton. Two things I would change - I'd make my machine stitches larger (about 3 ish) to make removal easier and I'd trying diluting my Jacquard Lumiere paint a little. The fabric turned out stiff. I also stitched pleats both ways, which gave a cool pattern. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Great idea an beautiful results. I think I will try this technique too.


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