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Monday, November 10, 2014

And then I set it on fire!

I missed over two weeks of the wonderful Maine fall foliage season this year because of my trip to Malta and the Netherlands. I got that urge again to print with leaves but most of the leaves had fallen off the trees. I took a short walk and picked up a few maple, oak and ginkgo leaves. I looked for a nice dyed piece of cotton but then I spotted some natural linen and thought that would look great in browns and gold.

I got out my plate of glass, fabric paints and pouncer and started to print


I started with the darkest colors: dark brown, dark red and used a sheet of waxed paper to lay over the backs of the painted leaves so I could rub and press without having to worry about the leaves moving or smearing paint on the linen.

That's when it happened. I torn off a sheet of waxed paper and laid it on my work table - right on top of a lit candle. The waxed paper burst into flames. It was burning too fast for me to run to the sink; I knew I'd drop it. Suddenly I remember the mist bottle I use when ironing and I sprayed water on the paper and put the fire out. My partner, Brian said, you really did set it on fire. I couldn't resist the title.

Used leaves with traces of fabric paint on them.

The finished piece about 45 X 24. Below are a few detail shots. All in all it came out great, I know my smoke alarm works and we are all safe.


  1. Beautiful! You be careful, though... no more candles on the work table!

  2. these worked very well..I have some glycerin-preserved maple leaves that i should try!!

  3. Beautiful prints from the leaves, love the colors you used.

  4. "AND THEN WE SET IT ON FIRE!" I just knew this had to be true at some point!!! Love it!! Your leaf prints turned out quite nice in spite of you trying to burn the house down!


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