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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Painted and pleated fabric, wrapped with thread

The other samples will be pleated,

Diagonally in four:

Horizontally and vertical in four:

And the final piece is just a fantasy fold:

All wrapped with thread, like demonstrated in the last post.

I ended up with a tray of these pieces:

Time for some cooking, to be continued tomorrow!


  1. Ik vind het zo leuk om het helemaal uitgeschreven te zien. Ben nog even met andere dingen bezig (o.a. vest breien ;-)) maar ga beslist op herhaling.

  2. wow-these look like so much fun..I especially like the fantasy fold and pleated one.
    Very curious as to what the next step is...I did 2 samples to try, with just the folding and rolling method.


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