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Friday, August 15, 2014


Can't tell you how much fun it is working with so many amazingly talented artists! And here are just a few examples! Thanks to all who sent in these examples!

FREE  FOR  ALL  FRIDAY - when you get to send in your beautiful art and I have the privilege of posting it! This week we have been talking about Creating Texture with Paint

First, some pounded fabric from Ginger Wilson! 

I tried pounded fabric a couple weeks ago. I just blogged about it today.  The two week wait was torture... -- Ginger

Ginger, I KNOW!! That waiting is the hardest part but so worth it when you end up with such gorgeous pieces. Of course, I'm partial to the purple one but they are all wonderful! Love your use of metallics! At least they look metallic!

And some wonderful painting examples from Jane Hartfield

I started this piece as a deconstructed screen print. However, it washed out because it has polyester in it. I then painted it, fused painted Wonder Under to it, painted more, then foiled it. I have used a large part of it in a quilt in progress.

I started with a hand dyed fabric, stamped it with paint and quilted it.

Started with a hand dye, added paint and fabrics I had applied paint sticks, and dyed silk ribbon and a scrap from another project.

Two pieces of hand dyes that I painted. Added dyed silk ribbon and copper. Machine and hand stitched.
I am really enjoying this segment on "fire". -- Jane

Thanks, Jane! These are all such inspiring and beautiful pieces. I hope they are all right side up! When I imported them into Picasa they all flipped around from what was in your attached files. Love the abstract and organic feel of these! The first one reminds me of fossilized leaves! 

And YES! you can paint either before or after stitching/quilting. Each gives a different look!

Here are three more smacked examples that for some reason, didn't download yesterday.


Ann Scott (guest artist this month) sent this short example to me and I absolutely love it and can't wait to try it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Painting with Egg Whites (yep....you read it correctly!)

The image is a detail crop of a painted whole cloth. The neat thing about it is that I whipped egg whites with my white paint to get tiny bubbles aka sea foam and it worked! And yes, it did smell like fried eggs when I first heat set it but that went away after a couple washing and more ironing. -- Ann

Thanks so much Ann! I think I could survive a little fried egg smell for results like this!

I'll check in tomorrow to see if any more examples have arrived in my inbox. If so, I'll get them posted ASAP!

And now....as this week draws to a close...here is your Moment of Texture (sent in by Ann from her recent trip - ocean side bench and redwood bark)

Have a great weekend everyone!! See ya back here on Monday for Creating Texture with Stitch and Fabric Manipulation!


  1. Has anyone tried Mickey Lawler's method of painting with setacolor transparent paints, quickly sprinkling with sand, letting it dry and then brushing it off? Gives some very interesting effects. I'd post a pic but the fabric is in CO and I am in MN. gjeneve@gmail.com

  2. I haven't tried it but it sounds very cool! If someone has an example, please post it!

  3. Thank you Kelly and all, each post better than the last... but all great and so inspiring! I have used sand in dyeing, I'll send Kelly photos (of so so results - to post or not!)but because I'm happier to paint I am planning to use sand with Jacquard Textile Colors, a bit differently than Mickey though. I'll let you know how it goes.


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