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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Creating Texture with Mixed Media and Fun Bits - part 4

Today I have another beautiful example of creating texture for this week from Ann Scott.

It started as a small painted whole cloth, to that I stitched cut up canvas and quilted it on (used gel medium too), then painted cheese cloth and stitched it on. The entire piece is attached to a canvas.  I really love the piece and think it is one of my best abstracts… so far! -- Ann

Ann, I love the ethereal floating feel of this piece. Awesome!!

One last thing from me today. Although it's not in the theme of this week.

Yesterday I had one of those "need to experiment" days. A while ago I learned a technique on paper that suddenly hit me that needed to be tried out on fabric! So, I'm going to let you in on what went on in my brain for this one - scary prospect though that may be! First....thinking, thinking, thinking....how on earth would I go about this? Then decided the best first steps to take and got busy. I say first steps because as often happens, experiments trigger perhaps a better way to do something. So, today you are my guinea pigs. I hope if it inspires you to try it another way you will let me know!!

The technique that intrigued me was a method for making a peeling paint look. On paper, you take vaseline and brush it on in random strokes. Then you paint over it with acrylic paint. When the paint has dried, you can wipe off the page and all the areas masked by vaseline reveal the paint underneath the overcoat! I LOVE the look of it.  So......I wondered what would happen if.........

I got out the vaseline and brushed it on with a very old and abused paint brush. (this is the upper right corner of the fabric. I was so excited about what was might happen, I almost forgot to take a process photo!)

Then I picked out a light blue acrylic and with a sponge brush, painted it over the whole piece. I did dilute the acrylic but ever so little (sorry....I hardly ever measure)

When the paint was dry, I place a couple of layers of newsprint paper over it and ironed it to "soak up" the vaseline and the paint on top of it. This was part of the thinking that went on. I figured that on fabric, it would be difficult to wipe off the vaseline effectively and most probably would smear the covering paint. (although some time I will have to try it just to see what happens.) It worked very much like removing soy wax from fabric. (hmmmmmm would soy wax give the results as well as vaseline....a future experiment)

That worked well I think! Here is the results after all the vaseline has been absorbed (which didn't take long at all)  Very much a peeling paint look on fabric using vaseline and acrylic paint!!!

Then, as I've learned often to do these days, I checked out the backside of the piece. Wow! Now I wish I had done this on a larger piece so I could cut it in half and use both sides!! 

Already have some idea spinning in my head about what to do with this piece of fabric. Now the dilemma is -- which side of it to use!

So, thanks for wandering around in my brain for a minute and indulge my departure from this weeks theme. Hope it somehow inspires you!

Tomorrow is Free For All Friday! One has already shared one of their pieces. Hopefully today and into tonight I will receive more!



  1. Love the effect you got!! Have to put this on the to-do list.

  2. Well, that's is about the coolest results from a wild idea I have ever seen! When presented with the "backside is as good as or better than the front" situation (happens to me all of the time), I take a close and high resolution photograph of the side I'm not going to use, figuring I could have it printed on fabric if I decide I'd really like to make something from it.

  3. Kelly, One thing I forgot to mention about my piece is that the golden bits toward the bottom are painted fusible...another fun technique I like to use.

  4. this is an amazing idea! I can't wati to get some time to play! Thanks


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