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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creating Texture with Dye - Breakdown Printing

This will be a short post because Beth is going through this in detail later in the year. All I want to do today is encourage you to think about breakdown printing as perceived texture. So...you'll have to wait to know all the fun of the process but here are some results I have of my own that to me evoke a perceived texture.

WHAT??? You wanted actual photos???  LOL!! And here they are!!

This is just one of the set-ups I used. Again....all the wonderful and exciting details Beth can tell you all about later! You won't want to miss that!!  All the following breakdown printings were done with thickened dyes.

And here a couple of pieces from my stash

I love how the top two have a rough and jagged look. They were done with more industrial objects and strong colors. The two samples (side by side) below have a more soft look. They were done with strings and mesh and more pastel colors.

And here is something I used one of the printings for. It is a little notebook that I keep in my car even today:

Now, I KNOW you will want to learn how to do this very organic technique so don't miss Beth's presentation coming up near the end of the year.

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