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Friday, August 1, 2014

Creating Texture - The Weekend Beginning

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to get started on this month about texture and different ways to add it to you art work.

I chose this topic because it is something that I constantly find interesting and enjoy so much learning about from other talented artists. I love exploring how I can make a certain look or even an actual feel in my work.

While it is something I am constantly playing with and finding new avenues and techniques, I am by no means the final word on the subject. That is the reason I have invited 3 amazingly talented artists to "play along" with us this month. They will have TONS to share. Sometimes they will expand on some example I've used or even to take the example off on a whole different road! (I love when that happens!) So now, I'll introduce them to you in their own words. (oh and they will be in alphabetical order so all is fair)

Ok, you wonderful artists, tell us a bit about yourselves......

Francie Ginocchio

I don’t consider myself an expert on texture, but texture seems to find its way into many of my art quilts.  I’ve added applique, beading and hand embroidery after creating Nuno felt backgrounds. I find myself drawn to creating patterns in cotton fabric with shibori, deconstructed screen (breakdown) printing and mono printing rather than dyeing solid color fabric.  Pieces that interest me the most combine several patterned fabrics with the addition of free-motion stitching and machine quilting.  For 2013 and 2014 I’ve focused on experimenting with dyeing, printing and using what Kerr Grabowski calls “fugitive materials”:  watercolor crayons, pastels and other materials meant for paper, but which can be bonded to fabric with extender. 

Wil Opio Oguta

I am a dyer and quilter from the Netherlands. Never made a traditional sampler and no plans to do this either :-). I love to dye my own fabric using Procion MX dyes, just simple dyeing or adding multiple layers to it. Don't think there is a dyeing technique which I have not used. For my art quilts I find inspiration in lots of things. This can be nature, a word or an expression. The last couple of years I have been working in series. At first I had my doubts whether this was interesting enough, but now I am hooked. Check out my blog http://wilopiooguta.blogspot.com/ or my website http://www.wilopiooguta.com/ to see some of my quilts.

Ann Scott

I have gone from making art quilts (Over twenty years ago, when I didn’t know what I was doing), to learning there is a “proper” way to make a quilt, and back to creating art quilts.
In 2010 my oldest son, a Visual Arts/Media graduate, shared some of his photographs with me. One in particular struck a chord and from it I developed a new fiber and photograph/mixed media artwork series. The pieces have shown in several art venues including a mother/son solo exhibition at Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA.
That series was my jumping off point for exploring surface design, techniques, new materials and products. I rarely dye but instead use textile and acrylic paints, never sure what will happen and always surprised at the end results.
There is a great world of idea sharing and experimentation through blogs and videos and I’m excited to be a part of it. Thanks, Kelly, for inviting me.

Can you see now why I'm so excited about this month!!!


Here we go!

Texture - The Weekend

Some explanations might seem elementary, but I just want to be sure we are all on the same page as we kick off what I hope will be a fun and informative exploration.

Let's begin with the general outline for the month:

The Weekend - Introduction and Inspiration

Week One - Creating Texture with Dye

Week Two - Creating Texture with Paint

Week Three  - Creating Texture with Fabric/Stitch

Week Four - Creating Texture with Mixed Media and Fun Bits

The work I'm showing is not all something I've done especially for this month. I want to show as many examples as I can so I'm pulling from my stash as well. With the photos you send me, please feel free to send examples of past creations as well!

I hope it sounds to you like a fun exploration!

OK, let's get this show on the road!

Since today is Friday, how about some weekend "homework".  I know, weekend and homework should never be used in the same sentence. But when your homework involves enjoying something you love, it doesn't really seem like work.

Assignment: Use this weekend to take a "texture walk" or two. Observe the tons of different textures all around you. Outside or inside! And if you have a camera and want to share with all of us, here is how you can do that.  E-mail me your photos, I will put them in photo collages and share them that way in a post here at FIRE on Monday.

My e-mail:  Kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com

So...happy hunting! I am so excited to share your photos and I also have some from those amazing women that are helping me out this month.


Here are a few of my favorite texture photos to get your juices flowing.

I'll be back on Monday! Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Kelly, Wow! Sounds like an interesting month.

  2. This sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. I also finds it interesting and send you a mail with photo's

  4. Kelly, this sounds like it's going to be such a fun month! I'll get busy taking pix later today...

  5. Looking forward to the month!!!

  6. Sounds like an exciting month ahead!

  7. I came in here from your link in Stitchinfingers, and your title was perfect for me! known as I am for doing fairly wild stuff, in the name of stitching...interspersed with trad. ideas just to develop stitching skills. I'm a mixed media artist, many years of exhibiting, and still full of ideas I haven't tried yet! see me at http://beautifulmetaphor.blogspot.com

    Thanks so much for your blog! I've signed up to follow.

  8. YEH! So glad you guys are excited! We'll try not to disappoint you!

  9. Boud (Liz?) - checked out the blog link and found some beautiful work! Love how many times I saw the word "experiment" and other adventure words!

  10. Boud (Liz?) - checked out the blog link and found some beautiful work! Love how many times I saw the word "experiment" and other adventure words!

  11. I love textile work because of the inherent texture, with using fabrics. I'm hoping this month will help me take my love of texture even further.

  12. I hope so, too, Jo! I look forward to hearing from you and a ton of others with feedback and input!


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