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Friday, May 30, 2014

Transfers... Other ways... on Lutradur

Two more ways to transfer images onto Lutradur.

One is with Matte Medium and the other is with Rub on Transfers.

I have used Golden Matte Medium. Leslie Riley shows in her DVD how the process works. First you have to select the pictures or graphics you want to transfer. Then you print it onto Ink Jet Transparencies for over head projectors.

You have to remember if you are using words or a design where direction matters you need to mirror image your picture before you print.

I decided to print a page of graphics that I might use and some words.

The trick is to apply the right amount of matte medium. It is kind of like Goldilocks - not to much/not to little.
Apply a coating of matte medium over the Lutradur.

You lay the rough side of the transparency on the matte medium surface and burnish it with your tool of choose. I was using a Popsicle stick from the rub on transfers I have.

You burnish lightly and try not to move the transparency. If you move the transparency you can blur the image. Too much medium and the image will blur. A blurred image is not necessarily a bad thing. It is nice to have a selection of images done so you can pull it our of your tool box when creating.

Here some of the words blurred because I had to much medium on the sheet.

Here is the whole sheet I did.
The column on the left blurred because of too much matte medium but the cups on the right are great.

I added the words to this piece of Lutradur with a fish put on with TAP. 
The other picture of the boy fishing is a rub on transfer like the kind you use in scrap booking. 

It was cut out and laid on the Lutradur. Then it was burnished on with a Popsicle stick. 

I have in mind to make a card for my dad for fathers day with this. The picture reminds me of one of my dad as a boy. 

I made this to make a card for for a special friend. The "postcard" is a rub on transfer... and the words tool the flower was made from painted lutradur, cut out flower and a heat gun used to melt and mold the petals. A few beads sew the flower down.

Transfers are a great thing to have in your tool box. A quick card or a more complex project transferring is fun to do.

Jo Vandermey


  1. I haven't done much with transfers so I'll be trying this. Thanks, Jo

  2. Interesting transfer technique(s)! Thanks!


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