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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lutradur....and how to enter the draw.

I have been trying to think of a way to have people enter the draw for Leslie Riley's book. I don't want to be too complicated but I would like also to make it harder than just having you leave a comment. I guess it is the mother in me that wants my kids to work for something ...lol 

So I have decided that now until the end of the month that to be entered into the Give Away of Leslie's e-book 
Leslie Riley's e-book to be given away by C & T publishing
You get one entry for making a comment. (please make sure I can contact you via that comment) 

But in order to win what I call the Bonus prize 
 you have to work harder... 

You can only be entered into the Bonus Prize by

1. Having a tip that you have shared on the days topic

2. Tell me you have tried something as a result of this months post tips and what it was

3. If you have gone to my blog and become a follower.
(I don't want to coherence any one in becoming a follower of my blog so you can skip that one if you want to .... no pressure.)

So you can enter for Leslie's book by commenting any comment... (one entry per name) 

Or by doing #1, #2, and/or #3 for the Bonus Prize. 

As we go through the month I will add to the envelope with supplies we use..... (which will be a package of lutradur sample sheets, and things to try with lutradur that I will make up from my stash of cool supplies that I have at home here and I will send this package to anywhere in the world.)

Anyone who has commented or given me a tip etc before now is already entered... just fair. 

Great things in store... 



  1. I would love to be entered, thanks for the chance!

  2. Unfortunately I can't claim any of the bonus points. But because of your posts, I did stop and look closely at the Lutradur in Jo Anns. I would not have done that except for your interesting posts.

  3. Hi Jo, I would love to be entered into the prize draw!

    My tip is to use heat-actived 3D texture paint on Lutrador, paint it on with a brush (1st and 2nd picture) or use bubble wrap to print(as I did for the 3rd and 4th images) here: http://teriberrycreations.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/lots-and-lots-of-cards.html
    In the 5th image I painted it on then stamped into it. I sprayed them all with inks before heating with a heat gun. Areas where no 3D medium was applied can also be melted away with the heat gun.

    Since reading your blog I have been experimenting with different paints, I particularly like acrylics with 3D medium. Thank you for sharing your experiments, they have given me the inspiration to play paints I never would have thought of trying. I will try to get around to writing a blog post about it next week.

    I can be contacted through my blog (link above).

  4. liked all your tips and ideas for Lutrudor. thanks for the give away. just incase it doesn't show up - 33mm33griffiths@gmail.com

  5. I follow your blog on Feedly, love it

  6. I already follow. I don't have a tip because I have never used Lutrador, but I HAVE added it to my list of products/techniques to learn how to use.

    BTW: Love your blog.

  7. Your Lutrador has been a fascinating subject...thank you for the many tips. I haven't experimented yet.....because I just ordered the product....can't wait to try particularly painting it.

  8. Lutrador is totally new to me. thanks for your suggestions, and I'd love to try them out with the book in hand.

  9. I've enjoyed following the Lutrador experiments on your blog. I had a few pieces of Lutrador that I bought out of curiosity. Your exercises inspired me to experiment with acrylic inks. Fun! Thanks for showing the variety of uses.

  10. I am a follower, and I am fascinated by Lutradur, so I would love to win this. I really enjoy your blog.

  11. Wish I could do 1,2, and 3, but my day job gets in the way. Love the inspiration! Hope to try some of your card ideas!

  12. I love the feel of the Lutrador, I mostly paint acrylic paints on it, then use a heat gun. Where the acrylic is thicker it acts as a resist, to the melting. Then I stitch leaves around the holey fibers, cut them out and create very textural leaves. I would love the book, I just some Ultra thin Lutrador at our quilt show, and am wondering what to do with it.


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