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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mono Printing.... and Lutradur

Mono Printing.

Paint was layered on the printing plate . Then the marks were made in the paint. The Star shape was a metal cookie stamp on a handle. 

You can create a gelatin plate to do this or you can purchase a gelli plate by Gelli Arts. Or you can use a piece of acrylic or a glass plate. 

the frugal crafter has a video of how to do mono prints and she also has tested recipies on how to make your own gelli plate. 

The technique for mono printing is the same whether on glass, acrylic or a gelatin plate. 

Layer the paint onto your surface with a brush, brayer, squeegee, credit card. 

Make marks in the paint with stamps, roller stamps, brushes, even your fingers. 

Then take the Lutradur and lie in on top of the paint.

 Pat it down. Or use a clean dry brayer to roll over it. 

Then carefully peel the print off and set aside to dry. Pattern and colour at once!

Great texture when you use heavier acrylic paints.

or use less paint and get a lighter effect. I can't quite remember this may have been a second print when we had our play day  with my small group. 

This was done with roller stamps. 

One thing to remember when you mono print is the design will be a reverse image of what you have drawn. This becomes a problem when you use letters as they come out reversed.

Mono printing is endless fun. Each print is unique. Sometimes you can get a second lighter print.  

Grab your paints, stamps, string, mark makers of any kind. I am always on the look out for interesting potato mashers now.

You can use mono printing with paper of course or fabric but I like the way the lutradur holds structure or form and allows for the translucent of the lutradur. 

 The plates wipe clean quickly so you can create many prints in a short time to add to your stash for mixed media supplies or your art work. 

So try some mono printing the next time you feel the need to create! 

Have you used mono prints in your work? or tried it with Lutradur? 

Let us know your tricks, success or failures. 



  1. LUV my gelli plate. :) The Lutradur would make stunning ghost prints. I must try that!

  2. I know monoprinting, but I never tried it on lutradur. I shall try it ! Thank you for the idea. greetings from Liesbeth


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